Anthem gets Launch Trailer, Shows off Endgame Gameplay


Electronic Arts s released the launch trailer for their next big franchise Anthem. While serving nicely in hyping up the online shooter, it’s the new gameplay video focusing on the Endgame of Anthem which is really full of new info.

Anthem’s launch is just around the corner. On February 22nd, gamers will finally get their hands on the final game which is set to compete with premier Service Games of the likes of Destiny and The Division. A lot is riding on BioWare’s online-heavy action-adventure as it’s meant to stay active for a whole decade. Subscribers to either of EA’s two game services EA Access for the Xbox One or Origin Access for PC will get an entire week of headstart.

As an online service type of game, Anthem’s true success will undoubtedly be measured by its longterm playability, way after the credits for its story campaign have rolled. EA and BioWare are of course very well aware of this and have released a new gameplay video all about Anthem’s Endgame.

Most importantly, Anthem will evolve, expand and improve long after its launch this week. Game content for solo and multiplay, technical improvements and new features are promised to arrive as soon as next month. These massive updates, called Acts, will also advance the story. So, players who are less interested in replaying coop missions over and over and have something substantial to look forward to.

Come March, the first Act will be a time-limited world-changing massive event which will bring with itself new extreme weather, new enemies and new mysteries. It certainly looks like entering the world of Anthem early will be a good way to experience all of what the game has on offer.

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