Microsoft Solitaire Collection adds a feature everyone has been waiting for: Leveling up


Somehow we missed this earth-shattering news when it was announced earlier this month. Microsoft Solitaire Collection, the version of Solitaire that comes free with Windows 10, is adding a leveling system. This news has been brought to us via the weirdly good video you can see above, which riffs off the famous “in a world” trailer for Comedian. To quote the video: “Solitaire is going to add a player leveling system with experience points and rewards.” 

So I guess Solitaire is an RPG now? If shooters let us level up our guns and racing games let us level up our cars I guess it makes sense for a solitaire game to have some kind of harmless stat-tracking added to its profiles.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Comedian featuring the legendary voice actor Hal Douglas, RIP.

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