JioFi M2S Wireless 4G Portable Data and Voice Device

JioFi M2S Wireless 4G

This is a top quality dongle device that allows you to experience a very fast internet connection with multiple devices. Even on the go you can enjoy super-fast internet and stay connected to the world.


A typical little box in a choice of blue or red color theme, no difference in contents, for starters. Then, we open it and find the documents, basically the Quick Start Guide and the warranty card, and a card instructing on how to use 4G Voice on your smartphone (which means you can even use Jio’s unlimited calls and SMS on your non-4G smartphone, its awesome, right?).

IMG_0640 (1600x1067).jpg

Further inside, it has a 1A charger, and a 1 meter long MicroUSB cord (which is good length). So, you can use this to charge your phone too, although with 1A it isn’t exactly fastest. This dongle has a 2300 mah battery, which can be charged using a PC too.

Connection modes & No. Of Devices Supported

A total of 32 devices can be connected to internet using this hotspot, out of which 31 can be Wifi connected, and 1 would be USB tethering, just like a mobile phone. Its battery life on Wifi usage would be approx 5 hours, which is the reason why I love using USB tethering, as it keeps battery charged.

IMG_0637 (1600x1192).jpg

Using this dongle for USB tethering (instead of a phone) has its own merits. You don’t share the bandwidth with other apps typically active on a smartphone, like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Those who need this speed for video chatting or online gaming, etc will be happy, specially if they don’t have access to broadband, like me for example. I’m in a very small city, economy wise.

Internet: Interactive Service like online gaming & voice/video chatting.

22ms ping. This is the best response I’ve seen on this device on PC via USB tethering, which is good enough for generally enjoyable gaming and voice/ video chatting. Backed by a good download & upload speed, this makes it a pretty robust connection, mind you, by wireless network standards…

You can use it for Skype, Whatsapp, anything modern that we use. But, if you’re using it on PC, try using USB hotpost instead. Wifi would add another layer of wireless data exchange and would’ve slowed it down its response (ping) probably. Although, it won’t matter much, except for online gaming.

Side Use: MicroSD Card.

The MicroSD card slot, just like the SIM card, rests under the battery itself. So, no hot changing, but apart from that no problem. Using the browser based interface, we can configure the microSD card to work,

1. via the USB connection in My Computer, or

2. to work via a wireless connection and appear on the pc.

I prefer the former, as its just like using a card reader. It supports upto 32GB officially, but I tried a 64GB card (with 300 MB free space) and it worked flawlessly. It appears as a portable drive in My Computer.

IMG_0636 (1600x970).jpg

The MicroSD card read speed is around 15MB/ second when used in a USB 3.0 port for a transfer of multiple files. The device probably works in USB 2.0. Write speed to MicroSD is a bit slow, around 1 MB/ second for a mix of small files.


  • Only comes in black color
  • Supports only up to 32gb SD card

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