Google Launches A Free App To Teach English To Kids


There are many languages spoken around the world, but if you are planning on doing business in the west, then there is a good chance that your business will be conducted in English. Since not all of us were brought up on English, this can be challenging for some, but Google seems to want to do their part.

The company has recently launched a free app over in India called Bolo. This is an app designed to help teach English to kids in the country, where it has been optimized for native Hindi speakers where it can take advantage of Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech technology.

It will feature colorful drawings and cute characters to make the lessons more appealing and entertaining. The lessons included are mostly aimed at primary grade level students where there are also stories featured in both languages aimed at different reading levels. There will also be built-in games where kids can then get to practice what they have learned.

The app is completely free and according to Google, they have no plans on monetizing it and that the app is completely safe for children to use. It is expected that the app will be eventually updated with support for more Indian languages.

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