How to Change the Language on Your iPhone


Apple makes it quite easy to change the language on your iPhone. The entire process only takes a few minutes and, once completed, will result with all text in menus displayed in the new language. The language settings are passed to apps that support the language, and changing the language setting will also switch the language for the iPhone’s keyboard. However, you may need to change the language setting for Siri, too, as she may not automatically switch over to a new language. Don’t worry, we will cover both how to change the language on the iPhone and how to switch languages on Siri.

The iPhone supports over thirty languages and a number of dialects within several of those languages, so you aren’t stuck with just American English. You can also use UK English, Canadian English or even Singapore English. Or you can choose between French or Canadian French, Spanish or Latin American Spanish, Portuguese or Brazil Portuguese, and the list goes on from there.

How to Change the iPhone Language Settings

While you initially set the language for the during the iPhone setup process, there is no need to reset the iPhone just to change the language. Once you choose a new language, your iOS device will load in the new language settings without even needing to power down and back up again, so you’ll be using the new language in seconds.

–> Scroll down and choose General from the menu.

–> In the middle of the general settings you’ll find Language & Region.

–> Tap the iPhone Language selection at the top of the screen.

–> Choose your new language from the list. To save time, you can type the first few letters of the language in the search bar to narrow the list.

–> When you have you new language chosen, tap Done at the top of the screen.

–> Confirm your language choice.

How to Change Language for Siri

You may find that Siri doesn’t change over when you change the language for your iPhone. Siri also supports a number of languages, and for some languages, she can also produce some popular accents. Luckily, changing Siri’s language is even easier than switching languages for your iPhone.

–> Launch the Settings app or return to the main menu in Settings if you are still within the app. You can return to the main menu by tapping the back button at the top left until you are back at the menu. The back button appears as a less-than sign (<) followed by the name of the previous menu.

–> Scroll own and select Language.

–> Choose your new language and then confirm your choice.

–> Tap the back button to return to the Siri settings.

–> Select the gender and accent if available.

How to Switch Languages for the iPhone Keyboard

The iPhone’s keyboard should switch over automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can add the new language to the choice of keyboards. You can even switch back and forth between two languages for the keyboard.

–> Launch the Settings app or return to the main menu of settings.

–> Select Keyboard in the general settings.

–> Choose Keyboards at the top of the screen.

–> Select the new keyboard language.

If you want to remove any of the available keyboards, tap Edit at the top of this screen and then tap the Delete button next to the keyboard. The Delete button appears as a red minus sign. After deleting the keyboard, tap Done.

You can switch between keyboards by tapping the Keyboard button when the keyboard is displayed on the screen. The Keyboard button is a globe and appears between the 123 button and the Microphone button.

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