How to Create a Loomie 3D Avatar For All Your Zoom Meetings


What to Know

–> Give people something fun on Zoom with an avatar of yourself, the add it to Zoom via LoomieLive.
–> You can switch back and forth between the avatar and your real self on camera.
–> The avatar animates your voice in real time during your calls.

This article explains how to use Loomie and LoomieLive during Zoom calls to create and show your avatar in front of an animated background of your choosing. Any movements you do in real life won’t be reflected on camera since your Loomie takes over the whole video feed.

How to Make an Avatar for Zoom Calls

There are two things you have to do: create an avatar from your phone and then install the desktop software to use it with Zoom or another supported program. You can skip the avatar creation process if you don’t care to customize it.

Note: These directions cover the LoomieLive Windows program, but it runs on macOS as well. The mobile app is for Android and iOS.

Step 1 –> Download and install the Loomie app on your iPhone or Android device:

Step 2 –> Press the camera button to take a picture of yourself. Be sure to follow the on-screen guide to get the best shot.

Step 3 –> Pick a Loomie variation from the options you’re given. You can swap genders with the buttons at the bottom.

Step 4 –> Use the Sign In button to create an account and save your avatar later.

Step 5 –> Run through any customizations you need to make.

Step 6 –> Press SAVE when you’re finished.

How to Use Your Loomie Avatar in Zoom

Now that you’ve made your avatar, it’s time to put it to use:

Step 1 –> Download and install LoomieLive to your computer.

Step 2 –> Open the program, access the Menu gear icon at the top right, and select Login.

Step 3 –> Enter the same account information you used to make your account in the steps above.

Step 4 –> At this point, you have two choices. Either start the Zoom call and switch the camera during the call, or change the camera settings before you start.

To switch to your avatar camera during a call, use the arrow next to Stop Video to choose LoomieLive Camera+.

Otherwise, choose the settings button at the top right of Zoom and select the Video tab from the left. Choose the Loomie option from the menu next to Camera.

Step 5 –> That’s it! Any calls you make through Zoom will use your Loomie avatar in place of you.

Things to Remember About Your Avatar

You can always switch back to your normal webcam from that same menu in Step 4, but if you don’t plan to, feel free to disconnect it completely. It won’t interrupt your avatar.

To send animations through Zoom, you have to switch over to LoomieLive and use the buttons off to the right. A wave or smile, for example, is possible through those respective emoticons.

The same is true for changing the background, setting the “away” status, enabling the auto-laughter animation, etc. Whatever you do through LoomieLive will be reflected instantly in Zoom because you’re controlling the virtual webcam directly.

To get your avatar to work in other apps, look for the camera option in that program’s settings. If you already have a real webcam set up, you’ll need to switch over to this one just like in Step 4 above. If you don’t have an existing camera, or you’ve unplugged it, LoomieLive should be chosen by default.

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