Steelseries’ New “Aerox 3? Mouse Comes with an IP54 Water-Resistance Rating


As the Coronavirus-led lockdowns continue to boost the sales of gaming peripherals, major companies like Razer and Logitech are releasing more and more gaming-focused products in the market. So, to compete with other gaming peripheral-makers in this thriving market, Steelseries recently unveiled its new line of mice that comes with an IP54 rating and many other awesome features.

Dubbed as the “Aerox 3”, the Denmark-based company’s new mouse comes in two variants – wired and wireless. And both these variants come in the same honey-comb design through which you could see the internal hardware of the mice.

We have seen this design become popular amongst gaming mice-lovers in recent times. The Zephyr gaming mouse that comes with a built-in fan also has a similar design. Moreover, this is the first Steelseries mouse with this design and weighs only 66g.

The Aerox 3 mice are also the world’s first gaming mice with an IP54 rating. This “Aquabarrier Protection”, according to the company, will protect the mice from water, oil, dust, dirt, and fur, even though these have so many holes.

Now, except for the design and the IP54 rating, there are many differences between the wireless and the wired version of the Aerox 3. For starters, the Aerox 3 wireless is the first Steelseries mouse to feature a USB-C port for recharging. The company claims that the mouse can run for 200 hours on a single charge. It comes with a USB-C wireless adapter and a braided USB-C cable.

The sensors, in both the mouse, are also different. The wired version of the Aerox 3 comes with the company’s TruMove Core sensor, which provides “true 1-to-1 tracking in a lightweight sensor design”. On the other hand, the wireless version comes with the TruMove Air sensor, which was exclusively developed with the world’s leading sensor manufacturer to deliver precise wireless tracking with minimal latency.

Steelseries says that they will be launching the Aerox 3 mice in the US on November 10 with the wired version priced at $60 (~Rs 4,475) and the wireless one priced at $100 (~Rs 7,459). Unfortunately, the company will not ship the mice to India at launch.

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