Medieval Dynasty Update – Spoiler !

A tease of the upcoming content drop

Hello Tribe Leaders,

First, we must get one thing out of the way. The reception that we got from you has been HUGE! We are a month after release, and we are still receiving great feedback from you every day. We never imagined that you would take such a shining to our game, so once again, thank you for all your support.

Now, let us get into the good stuff! Here is a little tease of what is coming in the first major Medieval Dynasty content drop.

One of the first big additions to the game are Events. The events will cover various aspects of gameplay, and depending on your decisions, they will have specific outcomes. To give you an idea of how they work, here is an example. You have heard rumours of over 20 wolves being within the vicinity of the village. How will you react to this news? Will you tell the village not to worry about it, or will you go out and take care of the wolves yourself, or perhaps something in between? And how will your decision impact the village itself? These events will not only give you a bit more variety, but they will also test your leadership skills too. Remember, your decisions can have consequences.

We are also adding a few more items for you that will make your life easier, and your village prettier. We do not want to spoil everything here, but to all of you that wanted some street lighting, take a look at the image below!

There’s a lot more that’s coming to Medieval Dynasty really soon, but spoiling it all now would ruin the surprise later – so we’ll just leave it at this and let you speculate until the content drop arrives (yes, we can be cruel like that as well). Overall, though, we hope that you’ll be quite happy with what we have in store.

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