Crown Trick: How to get more gold and soul shards


Gold and soul shards are important resources in Crown Trick. The former is used to purchase weapons and items, and the latter is used for your upgrades when you return to your base. Here’s our guide to help you get more gold and soul shards during your runs.

Crown Trick guide: Getting more gold and soul shards

Getting rich with lots of gold

The easiest way to amass gold in Crown Trick is to kill lots of enemies and bosses while breaking all the crates you find in various rooms. Challenge rooms also provide you with loads of cash, especially if you get a maximum of three stars when you meet the requirements.

However, do remember that gold (like the items found during your run) will be lost if Elle dies or if you restart. The only exception is when you’ve obtained the Accident Insurance perk from Stein, the bank NPC in the Hall of Reincarnation.

This lets you carry over a minimum of 500 gold in each subsequent run. This perk can be upgraded further so you can start runs with more gold.

Furthermore, there are relics and modifiers that affect gold. For instance, the “Greedy” modifier boosts gold acquisition by 20%, but taking damage also makes you lose gold depending on the HP value.

Finding those soul shards

Soul shards are also fairly easy to find in Crown Trick. As usual, challenge rooms and familiar/boss battles net you quite a few of these.

Note: Some rooms will have a golden nugget or golden crystal locked behind some boxes that require keys. The former nets you a lot of gold and the latter provides loads of soul shards.

Unlike gold, Elle gets to keep all the soul shards obtained when a run has ended. The main drawback, though, is that you’ll lose quite a lot when you start another dungeon delve. The implication is that you need to spend these soul shards to get character perks while you’re in HQ.

To offset this, you’ll need the Shard Collector perk from Stein. This allows you to carry over a minimum number of soul shards for future runs. The first level lets you bring a minimum of 30, and this perk has five ranks.

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