Oppo Find X3 Series to Launch in 2021 With System-Wide 10-Bit Colour Support, Company Confirms


Oppo Find X3 is set to be the first Android smartphone to come with a native 10-bit display.

Oppo Find X3 is teased to launch in 2021. The company, at its Inno Day 2020 conference, announced that the Oppo Find X3 series will offer end-to-end 10-bit colour support with its new Full-path Colour Management System. This new system will also bring support for HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and full DCI-P3 wide colour gamut across the phone to offer more accurate colours. Oppo Find X3 is touted to be ‘the first Android’ smartphone to offer this functionality.

The company announced the new developments about Oppo Find X3 during the second day of Inno Day 2020 conference in China. The new Full-path Colour Management System that will be integrated into the Oppo Find X3 series next year will be the first to be introduced in any Android phone. The phone will have a native 10-bit display. Earlier, phones have been advertised to have 10-bit display, but they actually featured 8-bit displays, in addition to frame rate control to mimic 10-bit performance. To date, several phones have embedded 8-bit panels, including Oppo Find X2.

Oppo says that this Full-path Colour Management System will deliver an “outstanding viewing experience” and bring “authentic and accurate colour reproduction.” The new system will also support HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) for saving storage space. The company says that its R&D team worked on colour reproduction by improving the underlying system and hardware. Oppo’s Full-path Colour Management System is elaborately designed to cover all steps including image acquisition to computation, encoding, storage, and decoding. This, in addition to HEIF support, 10-bit colour depth, and DCI-P3 wide colour gamut looks to offer great colour management results on the Find X3.

Moreover, the R&D team also promoted algorithms in areas such as distortion correction, multi-frame noise reduction, and perceptual extreme super-resolution. The new system will support image sensors featuring Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR mode. In the DOL-HDR technology, it synthesises different exposure conditions into an image. This should improve image results even when captured against bright light.

Apart from this, Oppo also announced a new colour correction solution called Colour Correction Solution 2.0. This essentially looks to help those who suffer from colour vision deficiency with a wide range of options to suit their visual needs. Oppo partnered with Zhejiang University to develop the solution. The new colour correction system will also allow users to create their own display, and it will go beyond the limited set of options available now.

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