Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Arrives Fall 2021

100 Times More Characters on Screen

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has been revealed, showcasing a game where you can watch more than a million virtual warriors battle it out on your screen.

A few days ago, Brilliant Game Studios mysteriously made Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator available for free on Steam. Game developers will sometimes give away a game to promote a sequel or their next project, but nothing had been announced — until now.

Let’s get right to it — check out the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 trailer to see how this upcoming sequel looks!

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a Serious Step Up

In Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, you’re going to be getting much of the same gameplay that you got in the first. Put thousands of soldiers on one side, plop a few thousand soldiers on the other side, and then send them charging at one another. That’s the gist of the game.

The original game recommended that you keep the number of soldiers on-screen to 10,000 or so for most PCs. The sequel, however, has massively increased the capabilities of the game; the above trailer shows 1.3 million warriors battling it out simultaneously.

That’s not all that’s coming to the game, though. The previous game was largely about having fun with sandbox battles. That still holds true for the sequel, but Brilliant Game Studios is also adding story and player-driven campaigns. You’ll even be able to make your own campaigns if you’d like.

When is the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Release Date?

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 release date will be sometime in Fall 2021; Brilliant Game Studios had not yet mentioned a specific date, nor have they specified a price at launch. The first game is normally priced at $14.99, so the sequel may land in the same ballpark.

What do you think of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2? What kind of battles would you like to recreate in this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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