Conan Exiles Update 2.3 Bringing Big Changes to Siptah

You Might Have to Move Your Home

Conan Exiles Update 2.3 is on the way and it’s bringing some big changes to Siptah with new NPC camps and locations. Unfortunately, this new update puts player-made buildings in danger of destruction.

Late last year, Conan Exiles announced the Isle of Siptah Expansion. This brand-new location featured new building sets, new dungeons, and a bunch of other interesting content for players to explore.

That said, it looks like Funcom might have dropped the ball on this one. The game’s developer says that a number of early adopters were upset by the lack of NPC locations (such as camps) in the game, so it’s going to be adding them to the game — and that means that some player-created buildings might have to be automatically destroyed.

Conan Exiles Update 2.3 Puts Player-Made Buildings in Peril

Changing the map for an existing game can always prove a challenge — all the more so when it involves player-created structures. In this case, Funcom found itself having to make a rather difficult decision.

“However, this means that there is a chance that these new camps, geometry modifications[,] and points of interest will interfere with player buildings put in place before the release of 2.3,” read the Steam Community news post about the update. “We debated internally the benefits of these new additions against any negative impact they could have to previously built structures. Ultimately, we believe that the new locations bring a whole new level of immersion and overall value to the Isle of Siptah.”

Funcom has decided to move forward with this rollout. What this means is that all official servers (and some private servers) will likely see player structures destroyed if they intersect with the locations shown on the map above. However, Funcom is giving server administrators two options to provide their players with the best experience through the introduction of two new server settings:

EnableBuildingDestructionCapsules=True/False – This setting (which defaults to False) will destroy any parts of player-built structures that intersect with the new NPC camps. If your building is outside of the zone but your fence is in the way, the fence will be destroyed but the building will remain intact.
CampCleanupDestroyFullBuilding=True/False – As a more extreme option, this server setting will destroy any building parts that interfere with NPC zones and it will destroy any pieces connected to them. Suppose that just one wall of your building is in the way — if this server setting is on, that wall and the entire building it's connected to will be destroyed.

The less-extreme “EnableBuildingDestructionCapsules” setting will be enabled on the game’s official servers. Funcom recognizes that this will mean players lose resources invested into these buildings; as a result, all official servers are running a double resource gathering event starting today.

It will be at least one week before Conan Exiles Update 2.3 launches; Funcom has not yet announced a solid date for the next update. The double resource event will last until one week after the launch of Update 2.3.

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