The Halo Infinite Campaign Has RPG-style Upgrades, Far Cry-like Open-World


This campaign looks infinite.

Halo Infinite had a rocky go of it during its rough E3 reveal. While the ‘return to monke’ memes were hilarious, it was clear that the game simply was not ready, to which Microsoft agreed and delayed it a year after its original launch date.

While the multiplayer flights have been much more promising, the campaign has a lot of questions surrounding it still. It was definitely time for Microsoft to show off the revamped campaign, and with a year of polish it looks much better now.

What was in the Halo Infinite campaign teaser?

Well, we now have some new story info about what exactly is going on in the Halo Infinite campaign. Basically, The Banished have defeated the UNSC forces and taken control of the open world of Zeta Halo. All hope appears to be lost for humanity until Master Chief arrives. Master Chief essentially takes a look around, grumbles, and then decides to kick ass in true Spartan fashion while also looking for Cortana (who took control of the Banished after the events of Halo 5) with the aid of a new AI called The Weapon.

Players can also explore the large in-game map at their own convenience and will be able to use a new tactical map to do so. You’ll be able to banish Banished encampments that can be found around the map. You can destroy the encampments in different ways, and if you choose to do so you’ll gain some rewards such as Spartan Cores. You can also get marines to help you at certain times, but it remains to be seen if they’ll actually help or if they’ll just be meat shields.

Speaking of help, you’ll be getting a decent amount of it through the Halo Infinite’s upgrade system:

There’s a new RPG system in the game where Master Chief can be upgraded. Here’s the rundown in order from top to bottom: first there’s the Grappleshot, which is a retractable hook for personal transportation and retrieving objects. Then there’s the Shield Core, which is an enhanced shield module that increases capacity to 115 of base shield strength. The third is the Threat Sensor, which helps the Master Chief track enemies through walls and terrain. The Drop Wall is a useful single-sided deployable shield that provides instant cover from enemy fire, and the Thruster is a module that activates short bursts of directional movement to evade attacks.

The aforementioned abilities will also have some upgrades down the line, so players will have something to look forward to as they play through the campaign.

Want to check out the campaign teaser and see how the Halo Infinite campaign has improved? Check it out below:

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