Dying Light 2 Next-Gen Patch Arrives on PS5


Xbox Next-Gen Patch Coming Soon

A Dying Light next-gen patch has arrived on PS5, bringing beautiful new graphical options to the 2015 game. Xbox gamers, however, will have to wait a while to get this update.

Late last year, Techland revealed that it was working on a Dying Light next-gen patch — a particularly impressive move considering that the game came out all the way back in 2016. Although the company is certainly focused on its planned roadmap for Dying Light 2 content, it hasn’t forgotten about its predecessor — and now, PS5 players can enjoy some cool new graphics options.

What’s New in the Dying Light Next-Gen Patch on PS5?

The Dying Light next-gen patch has debuted on PS5 and PS4, offering up some graphical upgrades and options for owners of the 2015 game.

“Console players!” read a tweet on the official Dying Light account. “A next-gen patch has come to PlayStation, bringing quality improvements and enhancing your gameplay experience even more! Try out the new video modes and enjoy the increased view distance while parkouring through Harran!”

PlayStation 5

Three new video modes:

    Performance mode with 60 FPS in Full HD
    Balanced mode targeting 60 FPS in QHD
    Quality mode with 30 FPS in 4K resolution

PlayStation 4 Pro

    Improved the 30FPS cap on PS4 Pro


    Introducing new networking utilizing the EOS [Epic Online Services] solution

The Xbox version of this patch is “coming soon;” unfortunately, an official launch date has not yet been announced. For now, you can buy Dying Light on PC and consoles starting at $29.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website, and PC gamers can get it at 60% off on Steam for the next week or so.

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