New Sims 4 Update Sports Hefty New Features and Changes


The newest Sims 4 update has arrived, and it is just in time for the newest High School Years expansion. This new update comes filled to the brim with new features, including a new phone setup, body hair for characters, and being able to choose your sexual orientation.

These new updates included some long-awaited and highly anticipated features, such as being able to choose whether or not your character has body hair, and even allowing you to choose where it grows from! Whether you want hairy legs or to show off that chest hair, you are now able to customize these features in the Create a Sim menu. Players are now able to choose from more options regarding their sexual orientation, furthering the customization options available within the game.

To do so, players will need to select the “Customize Gender” option in Create a Sim and then select more details. Here, you can choose which gender identities your Sim is attracted to romantically, whether or not they are interested in even exploring their romantic options, and even the type of Sim they are looking to WooHoo with.

The new update also replaces the Sims Whims, allowing for a more in-depth menu, where players will be able to choose their wants in life that they would like to achieve or different fears they want to overcome. This feature will be toggled on by default, but players are able to turn it off in the “Gameplay” options of the Menu tab.

Along with the major feature updates, Sims 4 has also had quite a few bug fixes as well. Sims will now be able to scoot over to an open spot on the bed that may be pushed up against a wall, rather than being stuck in bed. Sims are now able to correctly gain up to three total active lifestyles, as well as reset their lifestyles completely by drinking the Lifestyle-Go-Poof Potion. All of these amazing and fun new updates come just before the release of Sims 4: High School Years, an expansion that takes players back in time to experience their sweethearts, sports teams, and that very first pimple.

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