Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Pushed Back To 2023


We now have a concrete Hogwarts Legacy release date, but unfortunately, it won’t be until next year. The game, which is set in the Harry Potter universe, will now be launching in February 2023 in order to ensure a better gaming experience, according to its developers.
When is the Hogwarts Legacy release date?

This Hogwarts Legacy delay was announced via the game’s official Twitter account. There, the developers revealed that the open-world game would be pushed back to next year in order to “deliver the best possible game experience”. The new Hogwarts Legacy release date is therefore February 10th, so make sure to put that new date in your calendar. Hey, remember what Shigeru Miyamoto said about delayed games; it might not always be right, but a delayed game is better than a rushed one, right?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hogwarts Legacy delayed, either. The game was originally due to arrive in 2021 when it was announced back in September 2020, but was subsequently delayed to 2022, with publisher Warner Bros saying then that it needed to “give the game the time it needs”. It looks like the 2022 release window wasn’t quite enough time for Hogwarts Legacy, though, given that it’s now arriving next year. Still, hopefully we won’t see another delay and we’ll be able to explore the Wizarding World in February.

What is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is the game that many Harry Potter fans have been dreaming of since childhood. It’s an open-world Harry Potter RPG in which you’ll get to create your own character and freely explore the massive grounds of Hogwarts. The game is set in the late 19th century, so many of the professors and students you might be familiar with won’t be around, but you will get to meet old faces like Nearly Headless Nick and Peeves. Given original Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s stance on trans people, many gamers were worried that the game wouldn’t be friendly to trans folks, but apparently, you will be able to create Hogwarts Legacy trans characters.

Hogwarts Legacy launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on February 10th next year. If a recent datamine is to be believed, a host of Hogwarts Legacy DLC will also be available for the game, including new mounts and more. Avalanche and Warner Bros’ open-world wizarding game is also set to arrive on Nintendo Switch, although the studios say a Switch release date for Hogwarts Legacy “will be revealed soon”. Stay tuned for more info on that.

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