Forspoken Gameplay Trailer Shows Combat, Storyline, and More


The time has finally come. Square Enix has officially released the Forspoken gameplay trailer, and oh boy does it look fun. Showcasing the thrilling-looking combat, the expansive world to explore, and more, we finally get a taste of what is to come from the action RPG in 2023.

At Gamescom 2022, the trailer for Forspoken was played for the world to see, where it begins with the main character, Frey, sprinting and jumping through the air toward a ginormous glowing red wolf-like creature. From there, we finally see the intense combat abilities, such as Frey setting the ground ablaze and shooting water from the ground high into the sky. As of right now, the game will include over 100 different abilities to utilize in battle, and some have to be used within a rotation to ensure those combos and critical hits.

What is Forspoken?

For those new to the party, Forspoken is an upcoming action RPG that focuses on both fluidity and movement, according to director Takeshi Aramaki. The story has been said to be deep and very narrative-driven, and in this trailer, we learn a bit about how Frey became who she is. The trailer states that one fateful night, Frey was mysteriously transported to a beautiful yet unforgiving land of Athia. Frey notices that there is some form of magical bracelet attached to her arm, who she renames Cuff, and it appears to be speaking to her. This is where she learns she has several powerful abilities that allow her to race through the terrain and fight off horrific creatures that lurk beyond the trees.

What We See From the Forspoken Gameplay Trailer

The lands have been destroyed and the people of this fine world turn to Frey for help to destroy the corrupted sorcerers called Tantas that now rule with an iron fist. There is a safe haven within the game called Cipal, where you can go to accept quests, meet new friends, and trade rare items for upgraded armor. You will then need to venture into the treacherous area of Praenost, where you will be greeted by some not-so-friendly faces; the corrupted monstrosities that call this area home. The terrain is also home to treasure chests to find, as well as mana pools that are used to unlock new abilities. Frey’s abilities appear to be elemental, as during the trailer she uses several that look like earth, wind, water, and fire attacks. There also appear to be lightning-like abilities, as well as some melee combat attacks such as where she swings what appears to be a large axe on a chain.

We also see that the game includes a bit of parkour, such as climbing up large cliffsides and running on walls. You can also use Cuff to scout out points of interest while you complete quests, where it appears that more enemies and side quests are available within these points. The landscape from within the trailer looks stunning, the background music sounds intense, the combat looks extremely fun, and the storyline seems to be quite immersive.

Forspoken is set to release on January 24, 2023, onto platforms such as PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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