Bear And Breakfast Switch Release Date Revealed


We finally have a Bear and Breakfast Switch release date. The cozy cottagecore management sim is coming to the Nintendo Switch in just a couple of weeks, and a PC update will arrive on the same day to add a much-requested feature to the game.

When is the Bear and Breakfast Switch release date?

Bear and Breakfast arrived on PC last month, leaving lots of gamers wondering when they’d be able to manage their own bear-illiant bed and breakfast facility on Switch. That wait has come to an end, though, as Armor Games has announced a Bear and Breakfast Switch release date of September 15th. Make sure to circle that date in your calendar!

As well as the Switch release date, Armor Games and developer Gummy Cat also revealed that a PC update is due to hit Bear and Breakfast that same day. The update will add controller support, finally allowing you to wander around your bed and breakfast using a controller. This should help to make the management sim even more bear-able to play.

What is Bear and Breakfast?

Bear and Breakfast is an ultra-cozy “cottagecore” bed and breakfast management sim. As the title suggests, you play as a bear running a B&B, and it’s your job to attract as many customers as you can. To do so, you’ll customize your bed and breakfast, kit it out with all kinds of facilities, and decorate it in order to match your guests’ wishes.

This isn’t your ordinary management sim, though. Bear and Breakfast boasts a “story-rich world”, as its developers say, complete with lots of interesting characters to meet. As you explore the forest, you’ll learn more about the world in which you find yourself, and you might even learn a little more about your own soul in the process.

You can check out Bear and Breakfast on Steam right now, where it’ll cost you $19.99. It’s a pretty big game with lots to see and do, so make sure that you check out our Bear and Breakfast guides if you want to know where to get started. They’ve got info on everything from cooking to collectibles!

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