SoftBank’s Arm Plans to Launch AI Chip Next Year


The AI chip market is expected to explode over the next 15 years.

AI graphic over a computer screen

SoftBank Group subsidiary Arm has announced plans to make artificial intelligence chips, with plans to launch its first products next year.

According to Nikkei Asia, Arm, which is based in the UK, will set up an AI chip division as part of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son’s $64 billion plan to transform the company into an AI superpower.

The company hopes to have a prototype ready in spring 2025 and start shipping the chip by the fall.

SoftBank is reportedly already negotiating with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. to potentially manufacturer the chip.

Beyond the creation of the AI chip, SoftBank also has plans to bring together AI with semiconductor and robotics technology. For those to work, AI chips that can handle large volumes of data will be necessary.

The AI market is estimated to be $30 billion this year but is anticipated to grow to over $100 billion in 2029 and over $200 billion in 2032.

In conclusion, SoftBank’s Arm is poised to revolutionize the AI landscape with its plan to launch an AI chip next year.

This innovative endeavor represents a significant stride towards advancing AI capabilities, potentially reshaping industries and driving technological advancements.

With Arm’s expertise and track record in semiconductor technology, this upcoming AI chip holds promise for unlocking new possibilities and accelerating the integration of AI into various applications and devices.

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