Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds review: New premium wireless earbuds


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless review:?The earbuds have two-mic “beamforming” technology for picking up speech and 7 mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 5 Hz to 21 kHz for music.

Brand: Sennheiser
Product name: Momentum True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.
Key specifications: 7 mm dynamic driver, Bluetooth 5.0 class 1 connectivity, aptX and aptX Low Latency and AAC audio, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.
Price: Rs 24,990
Rating: 4/5

Sennheiser’s Momentum range of earphones and headphones has included some highly regarded products, and the company has expanded into the wireless space with these Bluetooth earbuds. Straight up, these are nice looking and solid earbuds – black with large silver metallic rings featuring the Sennheiser logo that double up as the controls.

The True Wireless earbuds come with a compact carrying and charging case covered with a grey coloured fabric – a nice touch that makes the unit stand out from the carrying cases that come with all wireless earphones these days. Once fully charged, the earbuds had a battery life of about four hours and this could be extended by eight hours through two recharges using the case.

The earbuds have two-mic “beamforming” technology for picking up speech and 7 mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 5 Hz to 21 kHz for music. They come with Sennheiser’s Transparent Hearing mode, whereby users can hear ambient sounds without having to remove the earbuds even while playing music. For full control of Transparent Hearing, users have to download the Smart Control app on their smartphones. The app also has a very basic equaliser (which I didn’t really care for) and can be used for some other controls and firmware updates.

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Other accessories included with the earbuds are micro a USB-C charging cable, four pairs of ear tips (though I struggled to get a proper fit with them, the medium size ones were too small and the sound had too much treble, while the large ones made the bass too prominent) and a quick guide. It’s a good idea to download the user manual from the Sennheiser website before using these earbuds for the first time.

Both the earbuds and the case use a variety of LEDs to indicate their status and battery life and pairing the earbuds with my smartphone was a painless affair, thanks to the voice prompts. Bluetooth range was good and I never experienced any dropouts from distances of several feet. The earbuds automatically detect whether they are in the ear or have been removed, and music playback cuts out whenever one earbud is removed and continues when it is reinserted. Voice assistants on smartphones such as Siri and Google Assistant are activated with a single tap of the control panel of the right earbud, while volume is increased by holding the right control panel and decreased by holding the left one.

These earbuds have the usual laidback sound associated with most Sennheisers and there was absolutely nothing offensive about the way they handled both music and movies – two things most people will use them for. The sound signature, with ear tips that fit properly, was largely V-shaped with ever so slightly recessed mids, though the soundstage wasn’t very wide and separation was as good as could be expected with a single driver.

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The earbuds worked with a wide range of musical genres, from rock to pop and jazz and watching the new action movie The Highwaymen on Netflix was an absolute treat – the gunshots had a solid ring to them and the film’s propulsive soundtrack with acoustic instruments sounded wonderful. These earbuds also worked just fine for calls.

The Verdict

The Momentum True Wireless earbuds are perfect if you’re looking for a wireless option with the signature Sennheiser sound and plan to use them during your daily commute or in the gym.

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