iPhone XR Price Will Now Start at Rs. 59,900, With Additional 10 Percent Cashback for HDFC Customers


iPhone XR will be available in India at a starting price of Rs. 59,900


  • iPhone XR available to HDFC card holders at Rs. 53,900 for a limited time
  • Everyone else will be able to buy the 64GB iPhone XR at Rs. 59,900
  • The 128GB and 256GB models are also available at discounted prices

If you’ve been wanting to buy one of the latest iPhone models but have been put off by the high prices, there’s finally some good news. Starting this Friday, Apple authorised retail partners will start selling the iPhone XR at a price of Rs. 59,900, a substantial discount compared to its MRP of Rs. 76,900. What’s more, under this limited time offer, HDFC debit and credit card holders will be eligible for 10 percent additional cash back, bringing iPhone XR’s effective price in India down to an attractive Rs. 53,900. That, of course, is for the entry-level 64GB iPhone XR, but the 128GB and 256GB models will also be available under this offer. The 128GB iPhone XR will be available at a price of Rs. 58,400 to HDFC customers, while the 256GB model will be available at a net price of Rs. 67,400 to HDFC card holders.

Non-HDFC customers will be able to purchase the 128GB and 256GB models of the iPhone XR ? 69,999 at Rs. 64,900 and Rs. 74,900 respectively, compared to their MRPs of Rs. 81,900 and Rs. 91,900 respectively.

These discounted prices put the iPhone XR (Review) price in India pretty much in line with the US market, and perhaps even cheaper in some cases when you account for local taxes in the US.

The HDFC cashback will be offered to both credit and debit card customers swiping the full amount in one go, and even to those opting for 12/24-month EMI transactions.

iPhone XR price in India summary

iPhone XR Model MRP Price for
Price for
HDFC customers
iPhone XR 64GB Rs. 76,900 Rs. 59,900 Rs. 53,900
iPhone XR 128GB Rs. 76,900 Rs. 64,900 Rs. 58,400
iPhone XR 256GB Rs. 91,900 Rs. 74,900 Rs. 67,400

The discounted pricing will help Apple convince those still hanging on to one of the old iPhone models to upgrade to one of its newest flagships. The pricing also puts the iPhone XR directly against the Samsung Galaxy S10e ? 55,900 (Review), and undercuts the more expensive Galaxy S10 ? 62,000 (Review) and Galaxy S10+ (Review). It might even convince those considering the likes of OnePlus 6T ? 37,999 (Review) to spend a little bit more and get the iPhone XR instead.

While still a fair amount by Indian standards, consumers will appreciate the chance to buy one of the latest iPhone models for less than Rs. 60,000, a welcome change from the recent past where that kind of money would’ve got you the previous generation iPhone at best.

The iPhone XR is the most affordable iPhone in Apple’s latest lineup, which also consists of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Physically, the iPhone XR sits between the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and packs a 6.1-inch display. It lacks the dual camera setup found on the more expensive duo, but does offer features like Portrait Mode. In terms of battery life, our tests show that the iPhone XR offers the best experience among the 2018 iPhone trio.

If you are thinking of buying the iPhone XR at the new price, do read our iPhone XR review before you make a decision.

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