PayPal New Refund Policy Is Not Less Than A Nightmare For Sellers


For many vendors, either small or large scale, PayPal has been a go-to payment platform since it was used frequently and became popular on eBay and other online stores or market places. Previously in PayPal, if a person sells goods or services, they are charged a flat fee, plus a percentage based commission on the sales.

Later if a customer asked for a refund, everything except that small transactional fee was returned. But according to PayPal new refund policy, they will keep the seller’s fee which causes anger in users.

All this change won’t have any effect on buyers, they can still buy stuff and can request refunds as they always have. However, this has a huge impact on sellers selling stuff through PayPal.

Anyone who sells through PayPal has to pay 2.9% commission on the total amount of sale which will no longer be returned to them when giving half or full refund to customers. On the other hand, the flat fee is set at $0.30 which has never been subject to refunds. People are always angry about the changes and have been quick to point it out.

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