Upcoming PS4 Games 2019: All the best coming our way this year


Sony’s family of PS4 consoles are set to have a fantastic 2019. If things go like many are expecting, this could be the final year of back-to-back blockbusters for the platform until the next generation is ushered in with the PS5 and Xbox Two. If this turns out to be true, we’ll be very happy with The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding and Days Gone as swansongs for the 90+ million selling platform.

final fantasy 7 remake

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

After years of rumours and anticipation, one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time is finally being reimagined in the form of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The project is a gargantuan undertaking, which explains why it might be split into multiple entries simply to cover the original story.

Updates on its development have been thin on the ground lately, with many of Square Enix’s resources going into finishing Kingdom Hearts 3, which has now released. So, could 2019 see yet another glimpse at FF7 Remake? Fingers crossed for now.

Release Date: TBA 2019
Developer: id Software

DOOM Eternal

After the explosive 2016 reboot, DOOM is on a resurgence nobody could’ve expected after such a long absence. Fighting hordes of demons as they spawned from the depths of hell as The Marine was bloody, satisfying and simply felt fantastic to play.

Now, we’re set to receive a sequel with Eternal. Just like the original DOOM 2, it’s Hell on Earth and your enemies leave the scorching surface of Mars in favour of our lovely little planet. Civilisation hasn’t taken too kindly to our new guests, so it’s time to kick some butt!

Release Date: February 22, 2019
Developer: Sony Bend 

Days Gone

In development since 2015, Days Gone could be the perfect title for The Last Of Us crowd, as you take control of Deacon St. John, a mercenary trying to survive the continuous onslaught by both nature… and zombies.

It’s a completely new IP, developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony. With the apocalypse still all the rage, we’re interested in how Days Gone reshapes a familiar genre and what kind of guy our protagonist turns out to be.

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Kojima Productions

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima still refuses to tell us what Death Stranding is actually about, instead delighting in dropping obscure hints that cause fans to pore over every detail in trailers and interviews.

What we definitely know is that Kojima has rounded up an impressive cast of actors for Death Stranding, including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Léa Seydoux. Sam Porter Bridges, played by Reedus, needs to overcome literal shadowy threats as he delivers all manner of things, including fetuses in glass containers.

If you’ve played Kojima’s Metal Gear series, you know that logic is largely optional. What you get however, is something truly ambitious and likely unique.

ghosts of tsushima

Release Date: TBA 
Developer: Sucker Punch 

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a really easy sell, as demonstrated by Sucker Punch’s game director Nate Fox: “Is there a game that you always wished someone would make, but they never did?”

Assassin’s Creed could’ve done it, Nioh certainly got close, but so far, no game has provided an open-world experience in feudal Japan, even though the setting should be all the way up there with exploring space or becoming a pirate.

One thing is clear, the makers of Infamous know how to design beautiful open worlds. There’s a lot of love for detail in the trailer, and  becoming a hero against the Mongol armies is likely going to teach you a thing or two about this part of Japan’s history, too.

Release Date: 2019
Developer: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 2

Even after Naughty Dog had broken with jump and runs and rebranded themselves as developers of action games with memorable heroes, the tone of  The Last of Us was still new.

The consideration of the human elements in a zombie story made it a tense game to play. Violent and gruesome, it didn’t shock for the sake of shocking. The expectations to deliver something similarly nuanced in The Last of Us Part II are high.

Not much has been revealed, but it doesn’t look as if everyone miraculously made up. Instead, Ellie is older now and out for revenge, another addition to the growing team of female game protagonists who can take care of themselves.

dreams ps4

Release Date: April 2019 (early access)
Developer: Media Molecule


The latest project from Media Molecule, the makers of Little Big Planet and Tearaway, is a cute sandbox in which you create your own game.

A story mode introduces you to the equipment at your disposal before getting to the heart of Dreams: creating your own content. You’ll learn how to craft environments and platforming levels using easily understandable tools like shapes and brushes.

The promotional videos show the calming Bob Ross-style vibe of creation that Dreams is going for. People will doubtlessly build amazing things with Dreams, even if it seems to be geared towards a younger crowd.


Release date: 2019
Developer: Lab Zero Games


Indivisible is a sidescroller with a mix of RPG and platforming elements. It has a strong visual style with hand-drawn 2D animations. Throughout the game’s funding process on Kickstarter the team at lab Zero Games, previously responsible for the brawler Skullgirls, has revealed a range of interesting characters with different gameplay abilities.

The story focuses on Anja, a young woman from a rural town who discovers her ability to absorb mysterious incarnations and use them in battle. To learn more about her new powers, she sets out on a quest that is sure to provide a healthy dose of old-school RPG nostalgia, not least thanks to the music by Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

Developer: Experiment 101
Release Date: 2018


This open-world action-adventure seems to be combining the best elements of a world in the style of Monster Hunter and… Devil May Cry’s pistol and sword combat of all things.

In Biomutant, you take control of a raccoon-like creature that is trying to find a cure for its world, in which a mysterious poison turns all inhabitants into monsters. Body augmentations and a large number of weapons promise variety in combat, while the world with jungles, deserts, and snowy mountains looks too pretty not to explore.

Developer: CD Projekt Red
Release Date: TBA

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has teased the existence of Cyberpunk 2077, inspired by the tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020, for quite some time, before finally releasing a trailer during this year’s E3.

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