Samsung unveils curved soundbar to match its TVs


Samsung has unveiled a new curved soundbar to accompany its curved TV range.

What’s the biggest problem with curved TV sets? No, it’s not that they’re inherently pointless. You cynical things!

No, it’s that nothing else in your home cinema set-up is curved. At least, that’s what Samsung seems to be saying with the Samsung HW-H7500 – a new soundbar that mimics the convex curve of its HDTV range.

Samsung has announced what it’s calling “the world’s first TV-Matching Curved Soundbar” ahead of a public IFA showing later this week.

This curved soundbar can be wall-mounted or used as a stand for the company’s 55-inch and 65-inch curved UHD TV sets. Samsung reckons that its curved shape “delivers a greater sense of curve by surrounding the viewer and providing a truly powerful listening experience.”

So it’s not just a gimmick, then. Oh no.

The Samsung HW-H7500 also features 8.1 channel support, adding two addition speakers on both sides of the soundbar.

In addition to this new curved soundbar, Samsung will be showing off its new M3 Wireless Audio Multiroom system at IFA 2014. Compared to the existing M5 and M7 systems, it promises to provide “a more compact and affordably priced option for consumers looking to enjoy a multiroom sound experience.”

We’ll hear plenty more about the Samsung HW-H7500, the M3, and a number of other Samsung gadgets from September 3. That’s when the Korean company will host its typical pre-IFA Unpacked event.

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