Gotham Finale’s Batman Suit Is A “Highlight Reel” Of The Dark Knight’s Best Looks


When Batman finally swings into Gotham during the Fox show’s series finale on Thursday, it will be in a brand-new costume. Over the years, we’ve seen numerous Batsuits produced for the live-action Batman films and TV shows, but none of them were available to the Gotham production team for use in this final episode. So instead, they built their own–and it’s one true to the show.

“[The suit is] pieces of everything. It’s a highlight reel of the comic,” executive producer Danny Cannon told GameSpot at the TCA press tour. “Because that’s what we’d think the show was, really. [It] was building up to the best of what it could be, and so we just took the best of everything and made our own.”

Of course, series producers did ask DC and Warner Bros. if they could simply borrow one of the existing costumes. “It’s just to show you how things work,” Cannon continued. “When we first said to them like, ‘Hey you guys must have so many Batman suits now. Can we have one of those?’ They were like, ‘No.’ So we went and asked the movie place, ‘Hey, can we have one of your things.’ They went, ‘No.'”

In the end, though, the team behind the show is pleased with the costume they’ve put together for the series finale. What’s more, they’re happy with the man behind the cowl–David Mazouz, who’s played young Bruce Wayne throughout the show’s run.

It was previously revealed that the finale would see Mazouz suiting up as Batman in some scenes, while a larger body double would be used for others. Upon first seeing the finished product, executive producer John Stephens called it “unnerving.” He explained, “I mean really it is unnerving when you watch what they do with his face to make it look that way, you know? It’s an odd thing, [because] David’s also been practicing that voice for a long time, so I’ve heard him do it in the background a lot.”

It won’t just be Batman making an impact in the series finale, though. As previously revealed, the final evolution of Gotham’s take on Joker will appear. The final episode will also see versions of Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), and Catwoman that are closer in line with the comics.

It was previously revealed by Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle in the series, that actress Lili Simmons would take over the role for the series finale, which is set 10 years later. “I firmly believe that part of leaving a legacy and being a part of a legacy means knowing when to pass the torch to someone else,” Bicondova said in a statement. “I was blessed to be the vessel for Selina Kyle for her formative teen years, and it only felt right to give someone else the torch for her adult self.”

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