OnePlus 7 Pro triple cameras confirmed by OnePlus itself


In past years, OnePlus has had the habit of talking about new technologies or features that would make its way into an upcoming flagship. This year seems to be different and it has barely uttered a word. There’s still plenty of time, though, it seems that the company is kicking its marketing into gear. And, fortunately, for the curious, its latest teaser confirms the OnePlus 7 Pro’s three cameras.

OnePlus did already drop the “OnePlus 7 Pro” name when it revealed the announcement date for the entire series, a series that could be made up of two or three phones. One of those, the OnePlus 7 Pro specifically, is bound to be more interesting and the company has confirmed one reason why.

It’s latest tweet talks about how it makes phones with a not-so-subtle jab at other companies that just make noise by throwing everything including the kitchen sink into the phone. The video clip that accompanies that tweet no longer makes it a secret that the phone will have three cameras.

Sadly, it doesn’t drop any hint about the other expected feature, the popup camera. The blueprint-like diagrams don’t even hint at that, but the feature could be teased in the coming days leading up to the grand reveal.

If you are a OnePlus fan or just a curious tech lover with a few dollars to spare, OnePlus has opened up ticket sales for its May 14th event in New York. Tickets cost $30 but early birds can grab it for $20.

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