A new ‘Fortnite’ update just added a bunch of new outfits to the game – here are all the costumes you can unlock during Season 9

  • “Fortnite,” the world’s most popular game, just launched its huge season 9 update.
  • Season 9 adds seven new outfits to the game, including two legendary skins with evolving style choices.
  • The new skins can only be unlocked with the Season 9 battle pass, which will be available until August 1st.
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“Fortnite” Season 9 launched on May 9th, bringing big changes to the game and a new battle pass with more than 100 unlockable items.

Outfits, or “skins” are the most valuable items in “Fortnite,” since they’re capable of completely transforming your character’s appearance. The Season 9 update added three new Legendary-tier skins and four Epic skins, but players can only unlock the new outfits if they purchase the Season 9 battle pass for 950 V-Bucks.

Players can earn V-Bucks in the game, or pay $10 for 1,000 v-bucks. The battle pass will level up as players complete in-game challenges, unlocking the new outfits and other rewards along the way.

As soon as you buy the season 9 battle pass you unlock two of the Legendary skins, named Sentinel and Rox. The Rox outfit has multiple customizable styles that will unlock as you play as her. Maxing out your battle pass at level 100 will give you the final legendary skin, Vendetta.

Most skins have varying levels of rarity, and outside of the battle pass, they’re only available during limited-time sales in “Fortnite’s” in-game shop. The sale of outfits and other cosmetic items have helped the free-to-play game earn more than $2.5 billion last year. “Fortnite” remains the most popular game in the world, with more than 80 million players every month, and it’s available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android.

Here is every skin and style choice you can unlock during Season 9 of “Fortnite”:

Rox’s outfit changes from a hoodie and skirt into a futuristic sky diving suit as you gain experience.

You can unlock even more color Rox variations by completing challenges.

Sentinel is a mechanized outfit with a dark variant.

Bunker Jonesy shows what happens when ‘Fortnite’s’ mascot goes into hiding.

Vega is an axe-wielding bounty hunter with multiple styles.

Demi is imbued with the power of a dragon and wears a short Cheongsam dress.

Stratus is a futuristic take on the classic Funk Ops outfit.

Vendetta transforms from his street clothes into a masked cyber-warrior.

Vendetta can unlock more customizable styles by completing challenges, just like Rox.

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