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Being social and interactive is both a fate and fortune for human beings. Engaging with people is also an essential key to survival. In modern times, the ways of making friends and connecting with people, however, have changed and include online solutions. People are inherently attracted to the idea of being socially active over the internet. Luckily, we have rich options for social networking online – social media applications.


From its days of inception, Facebook has come a long way to make people’s life much more interesting and exciting. With Facebook being your virtual social pal, you can upload photos, share your views and humorous stories, comment and even chat with your friends. You can make your own page and create fans right there on this platform.

You can also treat it as first-source content discovery medium for daily reads by joining the pages of illustrious influencers. It is the best platform to make certain highlights of your personal life known to people who follow you. It also offers a great branding medium where people engage and connect deeply with others.


WhatsApp, after earning a huge success worldwide, was acquired by the glorious Facebook in 2014, yet it still manages to exist as an independent instant chat and message sharing mobile app. Though it was launched in the digital world quite later than Facebook.

WhatsApp has unbelievably captured the interests of millions of people especially due to the fact that by then there was no chat app that directly connected with local contact list of user’s device. The app is able to allow you to communicate and share instantly with individuals and groups. WhatsApp is still evolving, adding much more advanced features now and then.


After Facebook, if there is any other social networking app that made sensation, it is Instagram. Instagram was thought to have a unique leverage due to its ability to allow users to share photos and videos.  Users relished the idea of capturing and sharing on the app the best and most important moments of their life.

Instagram lets you take a snap with your phone’s camera and turn it into a work of art using its various filters that you can apply. You can even post them on other popular media like Facebook and Twitter and use it as your investable marketing platform.


Twitter has also revolutionized online socials and pioneered the way message is delivered on social platforms and redefined it as a ‘tweet’, a short text message containing no more than max 140 characters. Users leveraged Twitter to make a genuine profile, post their expressions, news, updates or share contents with the world.

At Twitter, businesses and marketers can run their cluster and promote their services for heightened customer engagement using key terms in form of hashtags. The app also enables you to shop directly via tweets without visiting the store.


The most widely used video sharing platform where users around the globe spend a billion hours a day watching the favourite or trending videos. It’s the second biggest social media site and is also known as the second largest search engine just after Google. If you are someone who would like to be famous or would like to promote, then get started by creating your own YouTube channel. Where you can upload videos and your subscribers can view, like, comment or share.


  • Easier access to subscription feeds
  • Video management on the go
  • Better live streams
  • Big screen interface with dark mode
  • Now there’s YouTube TV for live streaming direct broadcasts of FOX, NBC and 40+ cable channels


Pinterest runs on Pins, so that when you have interesting ideas for projects or have other fascinating stories, you can simply pin them on your personal boards. It is used as a photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media app where you can save posts and even upload your ideas.

You can promote a blog story under a post, share DIY tasks such as home improvement inspirations and cooking recipe or define travel plans and do much more using pins boards on Pinterest.


Reddit has been around for quite a while, a platform that enables you to submit your content and vote for the same. Based on the voting volume, the content moves up or down, which is subject to subreddits that represent your areas of interest. Reddit has emerged as a great first-hand source for various contents including blogs, insights and rich updates.


Life gets more fun and lively when you live in the moment. Here’s one of the most popular social media app, Snapchat which provides teens the best way to interact socially while simultaneously giving them awesome looks.

In addition to just letting you connect and follow friends, this app offers a lot more exciting features which include news, entertainment, games, quizzes, photo & video-editing tools etc. Overall the app comprises of a lighthearted design with photo filters that uses rainbows and flower crowns effects.


At first, this grew as a messaging app just like WhatsApp and later on grew into an all-in-one platform where you can message, call and even does online shopping; make money transfers, online payments, book tickets, taxi etc.



  • Provide voice, video call
  • Allows mobile transactions
  • Let’s you create m-commerce stores for brands
  • Comes with a standard QR code reader
  • Offers games inside the app
  • Allows mini-blog and posting thoughts
  • Enables geo-location feature


Known to be the most trending music app among teenagers which lets you create short music videos based on popular music tracks, dialogs from popular movies or even own voice tracks. The idea of music apps was totally changed with the introduction of this app which was earlier known as According to market stats, TikTok has become the 6th most downloaded app in 2018.



  • Has a simple user interface
  • There are editing tools with AR features
  • Users can make duets with anonymous users
  • Enables social media integration
  • Has an integrated music library which has access to multiple languages

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