Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR Game Brings You Face-To-Face With Daleks


A new virtual reality Doctor Who game, The Edge of Time, will be released this September, and allow players to go (almost) literally hands-on with the TARDIS and face down a variety of classic sci-fi villains.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time casts you as a friend of the Doctor (portrayed by the current incarnation, Jodie Whittaker), attempting to find and rescue the Time Lord from nefarious forces. Thankfully you’re armed with her Sonic Screwdriver, which will come in handy for the variety of puzzles the game throws at you.

Described as “feature-length”, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will span several hours and pit you against the Daleks, the Weeping Angels, and brand new monsters as you attempt to recover a collection of time crystals that will help repair spacetime. As you can imagine, this will require you to pilot the TARDIS and travel to a variety of worlds and time periods.

During a hands-on session, I got to try out the Sonic Screwdriver in a sequence where Dalek flying saucers warped in above a junkyard. As things heated up, I was able to use the Screwdriver to make a DIY transponder that summoned the TARDIS, allowing for a quick escape before the entire street could be exterminated. It’s a simple sequence, but one rendered in graphics that we don’t usually see in Doctor Who tie-in games, making it feel much more of an event. It’s not exactly triple-A, but it’s the closest we’ve come.

And while the demo only allowed me to open the door to the TARDIS, the short glimpse inside promises a fun ride for Whovians. And yes: developer Maze Theory promises the Custard Cream dispenser will work.

The game, which Maze Theory compares more to interactive television and immersive theatre than a classic video game, will be available this September for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Vive Cosmos.

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