Free PC Game Available Right Now Through Epic Games Store


Arabia Nights-inspired dungeon crawler, City of Brass, had a fairly positive reception at launch, with our own reviewer scoring it a 7/10 almost two years ago. Free is an enticing proposition, though. As part of Epic Games’ free game promotion, the first-person dungeon crawler is now available on the Epic Games Store.

City of Brass is free to download right now and will remain so until Thursday, June 6. The game is currently available everywhere–Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One–for $19.99 USD, but downloading the game through the Epic Games Store will add it to your library for that sweet free price.

City of Brass comes from Uppercut Games, a studio composed of artists, designers, and programmers who had a hand in BioShock and BioShock 2. In the rogue-lite adventure game, you fight your way through Arabia Nights-inspired city streets, uncovering hidden treasures and sacred weapons, battling whatever ghosts and ghouls you may encounter in a bid to survive a little longer. With a scimitar in one hand and a whip in another, it’s effectively Bioshock but in a different setting. “We are drawing inspiration from BioShock in terms of the mechanics,” Uppercut founder Ed Orman told GameSpot. “We’re developing a combinative approach to the game systems, encouraging players to see how the systems interact with each other. In particular, the combo of whip and swordplay into this, allowing the player to manipulate and then hurt enemies.”

In our City of Brass review, we said, “While its repetitive scenery and uneven presentation are noticeable tarnishes on its sheen, the satisfying combat and well-balanced difficulty curve will keep you going back for more.”

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