Google Messages could soon remind you to reply to that text you forgot about


We’ve all received a text in the middle of a critical task we can’t interrupt, but most of us often forget to reply to that message when we’re finally able to. Google Messages might soon make it easier to remember you had to respond to your friend, thanks to an option right in the notification card.

XDA’s Quinny899 has been able to fiddle with a Messages build to activate hidden features, among which the ability to turn on SMS reminders. The way this works is pretty simple: When receiving a message, a quick action letting you snooze the notification for an hour appears next to the Reply option. This is different from Android’s built-in notification system, as it’s built directly into the app and doesn’t let you change when to be reminded. Lastly, it’s unclear whether this option will only be available through notifications, or if users will be able to trigger them from within the app. This would be particularly handy, as I often start reading a message but realize I won’t be able to reply on the spot, and I’d love to be able to hit a button for the app to automatically remind me I have to get back to my friend.

As this feature hasn’t officially made its way to a beta or stable release, we’re not sure if Google will implement it in the future build. Let’s hope they push its integration beyond notifications, which would give its already popular app another argument to conquer more users.

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