Walmart Offers Unlimited Grocery Delivery For $98 Per Year


Walmart is now offering an Unlimited Grocery Delivery subscription service for its customers called Delivery Unlimited. It’s an expansion of Walmart’s current delivery and order pickup service. For $98 per year, Walmart will provide unlimited grocery deliveries through the Delivery Unlimited service.

Walmart has been introducing several new options lately to get more online shoppers to its store. It has begun offering free, one-day shipping for orders of more than $35. There’s even an in-home delivery service in which its employees will put your groceries directly in your refrigerator.

The company already offered a delivery service for online orders. Customers could either have the items delivered to their nearest Walmart store for free or to their home for $9.95 per order. It’s now shaking things up a bit with an annual subscription which costs $98 per year. The annual fee here is marginally lower than Target’s new delivery service’s $99 per year but certainly less than Amazon’s $199 annual fee.

That’s works out to $12.95 per month for free deliveries throughout the year without the per-order $9.95 delivery fee. Customers who subscribe to Delivery Unlimited will be able to place their orders through Walmart’s website or app and then select a delivery window for when they would like to receive it at home.

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