How to Get More Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is all about casting spells and that requires spell energy. Here’s how you make sure you can get an energy refill so that you’re always ready to wield your wand by managing and getting more spell energy in Niantic’s latest game.

How Spell Energy Works

When you walk around the world different icons will spawn on the map. From the Dark Arts and Hogwarts School to Magizoology and the Wonders of the Wizarding World: these lost objects, creatures, and people need you to send them back to their rightful place that means casting a spell to remove the confoundables keeping it there. This means tracing quickly on your screen and using some spell energy.

If you’re successful in casting a spell to remove the confoundable, this lost object, creature, or person – aka a foundable – will be added to your registry. When you’re not trying to return these foundables to their rightful place, you’ll be fighting through the Fortresses in multiplayer raid battles. You can take on these battles against magical creatures by walking up to any Fortress on your map and fighting alone or with up to four other players.

Either way, you’ll need to use a bit of spell energy to cast any spell, and for that you’ll need an energy refill.

How to Refill Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

You can refill spell energy in multiple ways

  • Dine at an inn
  • Visit a greenhouse
  • Complete certain assignments
  • Earn certain achievements
  • Check-in daily
  • Buy spell energy with in-game coins or real money

The best way to get spell energy is to dine at any inn. The inns are marked as small building on your map with chimneys. They’re shorter than the towering fortresses. Walk near one and, when you’re close enough, tap the inn icon on your screen.

Once you’ve entered the inn, it’s time to “dine” and replenish your spell energy. All you’ll need to do here is trace the line on your screen. You’ll have to wait five minutes until you’re able to dine at that specific inn again.

Inns are the best way to get spell energy, but you can also visit a greenhouse to potentially collect spell energy. Greenhouses mostly give you ingredients for potions but it can also provide some useful items. Your rewards are based on one of the three plants you choose after they’re shuffled.

One of the first things you should do in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is check your daily assignments and look at the achievements you can earn. The reward is always listed to the right of these tasks. Prioritize the ones with spell energy rewards after you’ve expended your supply.

If all else fails you can always head to the in-game store and purchase some spell energy. Under the Wiseacres tab, you can buy +50 Spell Energy for 100 Gold Coins, which can be earned just by playing the game. If that’s not enough you can also buy these gold coins under the Gringotts tab.

How to Conserve Spell Energy

Getting more spell energy is important but so is saving the spell energy you have. Each time you cast a spell, you use spell energy. Some confoundables will take multiple spells to overpower depending on luck, how well you trace, and your own level. Make it easier on yourself by taking on strong confoundables with a potion that makes your spell stronger. The fewer spells you need to cast the more spell energy you’ll save.

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