MOBA Game Smite Gets a New Hybrid God – Olorun


The popular MOBA Smite has just added a new God to their celestial roster, Olorun. He brings a new culture to the game and also some new gameplay mechanics.

Olorun is the ruler of the heavens, a supreme God, a powerful and mysterious force. He isn’t a God of just one specific thing instead he an all-encompassing symbol of divinity and creation itself.

Olorun’s roots are found in the West African culture. A brand new pantheon — Yoruba — has been added, that originates in West Africa. The mage comes with some powerful and unique gameplay features.

  • First Mage in SMITE who’s basic attacks can Critically Hit.
  • A charge up ability that increases in range as it charges.
  • A new type of stim that charges up an ability that can be referred with the same key, and can be changed over multiple uses of the effect.
  • Olorus can also heal allies.
  • Intuitive changes to each of his abilities that occur when he is inside his ultimate area.
  • and most notably a new ‘time distortion’ field, with extremely interesting interactions across the entire game.

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