Trendloader Unveils The Alpha Smart Sunglasses


Are smart glasses ready to make their return? Google attempted to launch a pair of smart glasses back in the day but it didn’t quite pan out. However, it seems that another company by the name of Trendloader has decided to try their hand at it in the form of the Alpha Smart Sunglasses.

However, unlike the Google Glass, the Alpha Smart Sunglass has taken some design cues from Snap’s Spectacles, where they are rather inconspicuous in its design where you wouldn’t be able to tell they are a pair of smart glasses unless you were told. The wearable has been positioned as a social media device, where thanks to its built-in camera, it will have the ability to capture photos and videos and upload it onto social media platforms.

In fact, it will also challenge the way we livestream content as one of its features is its ability to livestream through the glasses to your social media account, so you could do a walk around and livestream it at the same time. The glasses also come with a built-in speaker and microphone, along with AI voice command where you’ll be able to summon the digital assistants on your phone.

The only downside to these glasses is that they are sunglasses, meaning that you won’t be able to use them indoors or at night, or at least not in a practical manner. The glasses aren’t available yet but there are plans to launch it this spring on IndieGogo.

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