Dead Cells Update 14: Who’s The Boss is Live


It’s always a good day when there’s a new Dead Cells update. Well, for me at least. It’s not like I need an excuse to jump back into Motion Twin’s roguelike masterpiece, but it’s better when there are bunch of new weapons and enemies waiting.

The PC version of this update is live, with the console versions coming soon. “Console versions (including Switch) will come as soon as we’re through certification, usually 2-3 weeks,” said Motion twin’s Steam note.

The biggest change this update aims to bring about is getting players used to boss mechanics. New players often find it frustrating when they’re 30 – 40 minute run comes to an abrupt end thanks to unknown boss mechanics. They’ve added in six new enemies who mimic the boss they precede. This equips players with the knowledge they need to beat said boss.

“For example, here we have the Sweeper, whose main function seems to be viscera cleanup detail. You’ll find him in the ramparts tidying up, waiting to send you off to the bin or finally teach you about the flame attack of the Concierge…” said the Steam note.

Adding to that, defeating each boss, now gives you a new weapon one of their powers too. Along with those, there’s also the fan requested pan, seen in the launch trailer.

Talking about mutations, the nots said, “This update adds support for the glass cannon melee tactics build. It’s not as safe as a survival build or a ranged tactics loadout, but we’re really trying to provide a bunch of different ways to play the game based on what you like, rather than just having one meta that makes sense at all times regardless of the items that drop.”

Motion Twin also mentioned that they’ve begun ideating on their next game, however, it’s only on a conceptual level. “The majority of the Motion Twin team are working on the next game, or at least making a whole bunch of prototypes and brainstorming about what the next game is going to be. There’s no firm direction yet, but we’re testing new technology, weird and wonderful game designs and a whole bunch of different art styles.”

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