iOS 13 and iPadOS: How to join the beta, use the best new features on your iPhone and iPad


Apple continues to release iOS 13 and iPadOS beta updates, leading up to the expected launch next month. We’ve been using the beta software since it was made available in June at WWDC, giving us a clear picture of how the new OS updates will work, and what kinds of questions you might have that we can answer. With the release of iOS 13, Apple will make your iPhone faster, smarter and more secure. New features include the gesture-based QuickPath keyboard, a tool to block unknown callers, new photo editing tools and a dedicated dark mode.

There are also new Maps tools that finally start to close the gap with Android, security features like Sign In with Apple and the ability to customize Memoji avatars. New tools will make your iPad ($249 at Walmart) more productive as well. With iOS 13, Apple takes on Google’s Android Q once again in a never-ending battle for the most powerful, private and easy-to-use OS. Sounds dramatic, but with Android on about 90% of the world’s phones, Apple has its work cut out for it to maintain its status and reputationHowever, even though we know a lot about iOS 13’s key features — remember, we’ve used them first-hand — Apple could very well unlock even more iOS 13 features when it announces the iPhone 11, holding back some surprises that are tied to the big September reveal.

Apple’s ability to engage buyers with iOS 13 is particularly important in 2019. It’s seen iPhone sales slow in step with competitors across the board. Meanwhile, the next iPhones will likely lag behind Android rivals in key features like support for 5G speeds, periscope zoom and a standalone night mode for ultraclear camera shots. But over the years, Apple has proven that it can create must-have software tools and apps, like FaceTime video and iMessage

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