Google Chromecast 1st Gen Won’t Get Any More Updates, Will Still Receive Bug and Security Fixes



  • The Google Chromecast was launched in 2013
  • The 3rd Gen variant of the Chromecast was launched in 2018
  • The original Chromecast is no longer receiving major updates

Google launched the Chromecast in July 2013, and it has since become a popular product for users who want to watch content from their smartphones on a TV or monitor. The product line has since seen updated versions including options for streaming 4K or audio only. However, if you’re still using the original Google Chromecast, you’ll no longer be receiving major firmware updates any more. The device will now only receive continued support in the form of bug and security fixes, according to a new report.

Details on the software version for the original Google Chromecast were found on a Google support page by 9to5Google. The 2013 version is on firmware version 1.36.157768 for the stable firmware, while the later versions are on firmware version 1.40.156414. The preview program versions have an even wider version difference. This indicates that firmware updates have stopped for the six-year-old device.

Google, in a statement to 9to5Google, confirmed that it will continue to offer bug and security fixes for the original Chromecast. The older software would essentially mean that no new features or improvements will now come to the original Chromecast. The device continues to function nonetheless, and users with various smartphones and tablets can continue to use the original Chromecast to play content from a smartphone on a larger HDMI-enabled screen.

The Chromecast uses the Google Chrome browser built into it to connect to and stream content from various online sources, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer as a remote of sorts to play back content. Various streaming services have Chromecast support, including YouTube, Netflix, and the recently added Amazon Prime Video.

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