Google’s Nest Doorbell Will Now Be Able To Detect When A Package Has Arrived


How do you know when your package has arrived? Usually this is when the delivery person rings your doorbell, but what if you missed the bell? Then your package is sometimes left at your door, which is fine, except that there is also the problem of porch thieves who steal packages off people’s porches.

However, the good news is that if you own a Google Nest Hello doorbell, then it seems that Google is pushing out an update in which it will be able to detect when a package has arrived and will notify you about it. According to Google, “To help Nest cameras identify packages, they use data that they know contains the “right answers,” which in this case are photos of packages. They then input these data sets to the computer so that it can create an algorithmic model based on the images they provided.”

That being said, there are certain limitations to this feature. According to Google’s support page, the package needs to measure at least 8x10x1-inches, so anything smaller might be missed. It also needs to be within view of the Hello camera and needs to remain still for a while so as not to confuse it with something else.

Last but not least, Google notes that package alerts will only be available for Hello users in the US who have an active Nest Aware subscription.

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