Celeste: Chapter 9 Free DLC Being Released This Month

Celeste, One of the best platformers of this generation, will be getting its Chapter 9: Farewell free DLC in just a few days.

A blog post on developer Extremely OK Games’ website explains Celeste will be sent off with this free chapter that will be available to download for everyone who owns the game. This Chapter 9: Farewell DLC will be available on all platforms on September 9, though the Xbox One version may see a slight delay.

Chapter 9: Farewell will add over 100 new levels to the game, bringing Celeste to over 800 levels in total. These levels also come with new music and mechanics and can be unlocked by completing Chapter 8.

The release of this final DLC also means that the limited physical release of Celeste will soon be put into production for those who were holding out.

For everyone who has supported Celeste, the blog post also mentions a change in the development team. Thanks to the commercial success of Celeste, the team now has an official office in Vancouver and was able to bring the team over to all work together in person. Matt Makes Games will now be known as the previously mentioned Extremely OK Games, or EXOK, to commemorate the expansion.

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