LG V30 finally starts getting Android 9 Pie in the US


Samsung has received a lot of flack for its slow updates, partially due to its heavily modified Android experience. In truth, it was hardly the only one and, since the Stagefright vulnerability, it has turned over a new leaf. One of the worst offenders of late is, ironically, one of Google’s closest partners. Now more than two years after it launched and just as its software support period lapsed, the company is finally pushing Android 9 Pie to LG V30 owners in the US.

To be fair, the Android 9 update for the LG V30 and even the LG G6 were spotted back in July. That started rolling out at least in Europe but LG also pulled it back due to unexplained reasons. That left many V30 owners hanging, particular in the US where there was almost no news about the update for months.

The time has finally come and Verizon has put up a support page for System Update 14. This brings not only Android 9 Pie but also the latest security patches. By “latest”, Verizon actually means the August 2019 patches, which is, by now, one month late. Better late than never, as they say, and Verizon’s launch of the update could signal the start for other US carriers as well.

Launched in 2017, the LG V30 may not have been that remarkable or important for the company’s portfolio. Then again, the company has had a rather disappointing in its update records. That despite the fact that it has had a very close relationship with Google, from the Nexus phones an even to the latest Pixels.

In addition to Android 9 and the August security patches, Verizon’s update also highlights new features such as home touch button gestures, streaming directly to YouTube Live from the camera app, and a music strobe function for the LED flash. It’s a rather large update to users are advised to take the necessary precautions like backups before installing the update.

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