OnePlus TV to Offer Automatic Volume Change; Bottom Stand Design Revealed



  • OnePlus TV to let you use the phone to type in search
  • It will let you lower the volume of the TV when you get a call
  • The OnePlus TV base has a metal ring-shaped structure

The big OnePlus TV launch is next week, and teasers are now picking up pace. After confirming smartphone integration in one of its previous tweets, the company has now released a slew of teasers that confirm what functionality users may be able to do via their smartphone. New teaser tweets claim that users will be able to automatically lower the volume of the TV when they get a call on their phone, they can switch from one app to the other via a quick tap on their phone, and even use their phone’s keypad for quick search typing on TV – though this last bit was already known. Furthermore, Lau also shared a photo of the base of the OnePlus TV ahead of the launch as well.

Talking about the software features, the OnePlus TV will understand that you’ve received a call on your paired smartphone, and automatically be able to adjust the volume even before you’ve picked up your call. In another tweet, he confirms that the phone will show you a list of your favourite apps on the OnePlus TV and let you switch between them in just one tap. This will eliminate the need to go back to the home page to use a new app every time.

Furthermore, typing in search using the remote is quite a task, and OnePlus looks to ease that out with smartphone integration. Buyers will be able to use the paired smartphone’s keypad to type in search in a quick and easier manner, and the same will reflect on the TV as well via seamless syncing – something teased in the first smartphone integration reveal.

As mentioned, Lau also shared a photo of the base of the OnePlus TV as well. The base has a ring-shaped structure to hold the TV in an upright manner, and this is held by a unique stand design which is unlike most options available in the market today. The TV is also teased to sport a Kevlar-like back finish, something teased earlier.

The OnePlus TV will be unveiled on September 26, alongside the OnePlus 7T.

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