Twitter now filters offensive DMs for all users on iOS, Android, and Web


In mid-August, Twitter introduced a new feature that enabled users to filter DMs that may contain offensive content and other unwanted messages. The tool was launched as a test, one that has apparently proven fruitful. In an update on the feature today, Twitter revealed that it has rolled out the DM filter for all users on multiple platforms, enabling everyone to utilize it.

Put simply, DM filters are a way for users to avoid seeing unsolicited, potentially abusive tweets in their inbox. The feature is pretty straightforward: if a direct message is flagged as potentially spam or offensive, it will be filtered into a separate inbox where the user won’t immediately see it.

As the tweet above shows, the users will need to tap through specifically to see these messages, which may include things like warnings about potentially offensive content; think of it like a spam box for your Twitter messages. The user can directly delete these messages without opening them, making it easier to avoid trolls and other unwanted DMs entirely.

All Twitter users can utilize these filters on iOS, Android, and the Web starting today. Users can find these DMs by opening their inbox, tapping ‘Message Requests,’ then selecting ‘Show’ under the section titled Show additional messages, including those that may contain offensive content.’ This is located below the pending message requests.

The feature is a new step to address the abusive and otherwise toxic content that is common on Twitter. The company already offers report features for problematic tweets, as well as the ability to mute users so that their tweets won’t show up; in cases where more drastic action is necessary, users can also entirely block other accounts.

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