iPhone SE 2 coming early 2020 whether you like it or not


Be careful what you wish for, some say, and those who have been wishing for a second iPhone SE might be having second thoughts if they were hoping for a doppelganger. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo has already doused their hopes on what the iPhone SE 2 will look like but he’s now back to give them some hope. If you don’t mind the appearance or the size, then you might like the rest of the details he’s now predicting.

The iPhone SE 2 won’t look like the iPhone SE, according to Kuo earlier. Instead, it will be an upgrade to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners, which hints at the larger size and more recent design. Kuo says that, to Apple, the iPhone SE hasn’t been about the old design or the small size. It is, instead, about the bang for the buck.

In that regard, the iPhone SE 2 could fit the bill indeed. According to Kuo, the iPhone will run on the same A13 processor that drives the latest iPhone 11. There’s 3 GB of RAM inside and, finally, the storage will start at 64 GB and will offer a generous 128 GB option.

The iPhone SE 2, however, will also take away or skip some things that changed in the past generations. The iPhone SE never had 3D Touch and, now that Apple is phasing that out, it might never will. The phone will also be available in Space Gray and Silver, skipping the Gold or Rose Gold colors of the past. There might also be a Red option but that could simply be a Product RED promotion.

All of that will come in a $399 package, the exact same price the iPhone SE launched with. It definitely backs Apple’s vision for the phone line and could be what some iPhone lovers will upgrade to once the iPhone SE 2 hits the market in the first quarter of 2020.

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