The Sleekest Tech Boards to Follow on Pinterest


Pinterest is more than recipes and wedding planning. It’s also a stress-free spot for DIY tech projects, inside looks at the space program, design inspiration, and more.

Pinterest has a particular reputation. Many imagine it’s filled with users who look forward to pumpkin spice latte season, spend their days browsing interior decor and wedding boards, and put up inspirational quotes in their homes.

While it’s true the site steers you that way—especially if you sign up and say you’re a woman; I had to choose between interests like coffin nails and butt workouts to sign up—there are plenty of boards and pins for the nerdier among us. You can browse through vintage Macs, learn how to make the most of a Raspberry Pi, and a lot more.

Pinterest also isn’t plagued with the vitriol found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. You see something you like, you click on it to examine it further, and then you either save it to a board of your own or move on. It’s a simple social network without all the baggage.

For tech-obsessed users who want a less stressful social experience, these boards are a good starting point for exploring the fraught-free world of pinning.

Dezeen – Robots

Robots contain many of the multitudes people do. They can be helpful, scary, confused, and downright impressive. You can meet many of them on Dezeen magazine’s Robots board, including one that moves furniture for you and another that will drive you places and carry your things.

NASA – Space Tech

You can follow NASA on Pinterest to explore the solar system board by board, but its Space Tech section is a must-see destination. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the people and technology that power the space agency.

Domino – Office Decor Ideas

Whether you already have a home office or think you don’t have room for one, Domino magazine can help. The publication’s Office Decor Ideas board is filled with examples of palatial places to type, and home workplace wonders created from the smallest of spaces.

MakeUseOf – DIY Technology Projects

DIY types will find MaseUseOf’s DIY Technology Projects board filled with potential undertakings. There are suggestions for what to do with old RAM modules you have lying around, instructions for constructing a cardboard VR headset, a guide to making an Amazon Echo from scratch with a Raspberry Pi, and countless other techie DIY adventures.

Uncrate – Cars

There are cars and then there are cars. Uncrate has a Cars board with wild four-wheel vehicles you might never see on the street?—like a 3D-printed Lamborghini Aventador Spider or a classic Volkswagen Beetle turned electric.

Girls Who Code – Apps

Girls Who Code isn’t just teaching young women coding skills; the organization is trying to change the world and women’s place in it. The nonprofit has clubs, summer camps, and mentorships designed to close the gender gap in coding, and its Pinterest Apps board is filled with all the great projects currently underway.

Wacom – Digital Creations

Wacom tablets can be used to create some truly wondrous works of art. The company has set aside a Pinterest board to feature some of most beautiful and innovative works from its talented user base of artists, creators, and designers.

Design Milk – Technology

The Design Milk blog is one of the most tasteful places on the internet. It brings that aesthetic to electronics on its Technology board. The pins feature the relatively relatable to the extraordinarily extravagant, like a fantastically futuristic train you can take a ride on for a cool $5,000.

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