How To Manage Startup Programs On Windows 10


These days we’re starting to see more computers come with SSD storage in them. For those unfamiliar, SSD is faster compared to regular hard drives, and as such, they are typically favored for use in keeping your operating system on as it will help your computer to boot faster.

Of course, there are other factors involved in determining boot up speed, and if you’re looking to try and minimize the time it takes to start your computer, then you could also look into managing the number of apps that launch on startup. This is because the more apps there are to launch, the longer it takes, so this guide will teach you how to manage your startup programs on Windows 10.

How To Manage Startup Programs On Your Windows 10 Computer

Step 1 –> Go to Settings

Step 2 –> Select Apps

Step 3 –> Click Startup on the navigation panel on the left

Step 4 –> You will be presented with a list of apps that startup whenever you open your computer

Step 5 –> Click the toggle next to the apps to disable them

As you can see below each of the app’s toggle, it mentions a “high”, “medium”, or “low” impact. So what does this mean? Impact basically refers to how long it takes for the app to run on startup and how much of disk I/O it will take up.

–> High Impact – This will take more than 1 second of CPU time or more than 3MB of disk I/O
–> Medium Impact – This refers to apps that take 300ms-1000ms of CPU time or 300KB-3MB of disk I/O
–> Low Impact – Low impact apps will take less than 300ms of CPU time and less than 300KB of disk I/O

Basically, in this instance, what it means is that if you want your computer to startup faster, then choosing to disable High Impact apps will make a bigger difference compared to disabling Low Impact apps. That being said, we should point out that sometimes by disabling certain apps on startup, it could impact its usefulness and efficiency.

This will range from app to app, depending on what you have installed on your computer, so it could be worth taking note of if you start to see that certain apps or services are no longer functioning the way they should.

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