Resident Evil 3 Remake Could Be Coming For PlayStation


The Resident Evil series is unquestionably one of the greatest titles in the genre.

Recently, the cover art for the remake of Resident Evil 3 was spotted on Sony’s PlayStation store. Gamstat was able to spot the leaked cover from the publicly available Sony’s API.

For most of us, it should be Resident Evil 3. However, for the Japanese market, the game could be titled “Biohazard: RE 3”.

We cannot be too sure about that now – but it was a similar case for Resident Evil 2 remake. So, this could be something very similar.

The cover art for Biohazard: RE 3 has been removed. However, you can check out the cover art for the Resident Evil 3 remake (as shown in the image above).

In addition to these cover arts, there was also a Biohazard RE: 3 Z Version cover art which hinted at an uncensored version for Japan.

So, it looks like you should be expecting the remake for Resident Evil 3 for PlayStation soon enough. We do not have an exact date for that yet.

Also, a new game Resident Evil: Resistance (a four-against one multiplayer game) is in the works on which Polygon got their hands-on to experience at the Tokyo Game Show.

Overall, there’s a lot of stories waiting for confirmation revolving around Resident Evil games. We shall keep an eye out for other important announcements on it.

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