Pokémon Go Allows Players to Edit Pokestops and Gyms


Pokémon Go has now started accepting suggestions for Pokestops and Gyms. Players can now edit several aspects of the game’s various in-game locations. However, it should be noted that players who have reached level 40 are the only ones that are currently allowed to edit these locations.

Players can suggest improvements or corrections for the title, photo, real-world locations, and description of a gym or a Pokestop. Niantic has provided guidelines for editing Pokestops and gyms.

Currently, Pokémon Go has an ongoing Holiday event, which introduces new Gen 5 Pokémon. Players can now catch Cubchoo, Delibird, and Cryogonal. However, it should be noted that Cryogonal can only be caught near Glacier Lures. Along with these, players can hatch Alolan forms of Vulpix and Sandshrew.

The Holiday event also has exclusive Field Reasearch tasks with a new Shadow Pokémon named Shadow Delibird. During this event, players can also spot holiday versions of Raichu, Pikachu, and Pichu.

Niantic has announced a new Buddy Adventure system for the game, which will allow players to interact with the buddy Pokémon in new ways. Buddy Adventure will go live in 2020.

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