Samsung Pumps In $500 Million To Start Its Own Display Manufacturing Plant In India


Samsung, not too long ago, was the market leader when it came to smartphones sales in India, a feat that was beaten by current market toppers, Xiaomi. The Korean giants definitely have a carefully chalked out plan to win their pride back, part of which is setting up a display manufacturing unit for which the company has invested $500 million, as per regulatory filings.

According to reports by TechCrunch and The Economic Times, the new factory will be built in Noida which is also home to Samsung’s phone factory which the company inaugurated back in July 2018.

But why is this news? Well, the reason Samsung’s interested in locally mass-producing displays is because of the massive amount of import duty a company saves on because of the central government’s ‘Make In India’ scheme. Smartphone OEMs generally just assemble their devices in the country because locally sourcing materials to start up a manufacturing unit does become an issue. Samsung, though, seem to have clearly quelled with this problem.

Being one of the largest smartphone brands across the globe, Samsung’s decision to locally manufacture smartphone display in India could have a lot of direct bearing on what’s to come. For starters, a phone with an imported display will definitely cost more than a phone that uses in-house display technology, especially when it is sold in India.

This means the latest and greatest smartphones from Samsung and other brands that use a Samsung display will be a tad bit cheaper. This is definitely a step in the right direction for the ‘Make in India’ scheme and for Samsung.

Most of the smartphone brands, including Apple and OnePlus use displays made by Samsung. In fact, OnePlus recently confirmed that its upcoming smartphone will feature a 120Hz screen, which is being developed by Samsung. As of now, it is unclear if the company limits this factory’s manufacturing to a certain type of display or not, but that’s something the company will be tight lipped on.

The investment also makes sure that Samsung will try and launch smartphones at disruptive prices to compete against its contemporaries. Overall, its a win-win situation for both Samsung and Indian tech consumers.

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