Google Announces ‘AndroidHelp’ Hashtag on Twitter To Get Your Android Smartphone Queries Answered



  • Google announces #AndroidHelp hashtag on Twitter
  • @Android account will respond to user queries with that hashtag
  • Queries can range from general help to security and privacy

How often have you found yourself scouring the Internet, trying to find a solution to an issue with your Android phone? Now, your answer is could be just a tweet away. Google has announced a hashtag #AndroidHelp on Twitter, which users can use to get their queries answered. Google’s official @Android Twitter account will respond to your query with a possible solution. According to a post on Reddit, you should be able to get assistance with general troubleshooting, identity and authentication, accessibility, security and others. Rather than sending a direct message (DM) to the @Android account, keeping the query and replies public means others with similar issues would be able to find a solution a lot quicker, instead of waiting for a reply.

It’s not clear as to how Google is going to handle the sheer volume of queries being sent out, but we’re guessing it could have some sort of AI or machine learning algorithm in place to weed out the spam requests and bogus accounts. The Reddit post doesn’t specifically mention if the queries are supposed to pertain to the mobile OS only or if it could also include queries for other forms of Android such as Android Auto, Wear OS by Google or Android TV. However, the official tweet does include a smartphone emoji, so we’re guessing it would be primarily for Android smartphone support.

The tweet has already received a tonne of queries, through replies, but no official responses from @Android just yet. Many queries are about update timelines to specific phones, which obviously Google cannot comment on, since that’s up to the phone maker. A fun fact we noticed is out of the 128 replies so far, only one has been about a Pixel phone.

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